I like to help people with specific goals – usually, that’s working towards a maths exam (GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level, IB, university entrance).

Most commonly, I tutor secondary school students in math. I also offer support for university-level and other work, including programming and statistics.

I usually recommend that we start with a one-hour session to discuss your goals and see if we work well together. We should also make progress towards those goals in the first hour! (I charge my normal price for this, since it’ll be worth it!)

Tutoring with me is one hour of teaching time each session (or more, on request!). The sessions are very student-led, so we work on whatever is useful to you in the moment. It often makes sense to keep up with classwork so that you can get the maximum benefit from your regular classes in school. We also keep a focus on what’s required for any exam or test that’s coming up, looking at potential test questions, and working on preparing efficiently for exams.

It makes sense to book a weekly session at a regular time – that way I can guarantee to keep the time available to you. Many students decide they want more or less sessions than this, and this can change as their studies progress – that’s fine too 😄

I work via the video meeting software Zoom, with my business account there. So, you will need to download and install Zoom (for free), if you don’t already have it. I will provide a link to our meeting with the confirmation of the first booking.

I personally use the app “GoodNotes” with an Apple Pencil to make handwritten notes and diagrams, and worked examples. I’ll share those notes on the screen with you, while we discuss them, so you can see exactly how best to make progress.

It’s helpful if you bring to the sessions:

  • something to write with,
  • something to write on,
  • the calculator you normally use during tests,
  • any work you want to look at together (images or photos of your own written work are super-useful!).

If you’d like to book a trial session, please complete the form below so that we can arrange it!

Good luck with your studies!

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My daughter appreciated Ronald’s support immensely.

Ronald proved to be a fantastic teacher. He was patient and friendly. He completely restored and built my son’s confidence. My daughter appreciated Ronald’s support immensely. An outstanding tutor and a real pleasure!

Sian H.
parent of two GCSE and A-Level students

Ronald knows the exam requirements really well

Ronald is amazing! His style helped challenge myself and think carefully about math concepts. He also tends to tailor the way he teaches according to the needs of students. Along with this, he knows the exam requirements really well so he trained me really really well for it.

Keertana G.
A-Level Maths and Further Maths student, successful place at University of Oxford

I can ask Ronald for help if I start to struggle

Ronald was extremely helpful all through the time he tutored me. He was especially helpful for my Decision Maths module with which I struggled a lot! He could explain all the parts of the questions very well and really supported me to get my A in both Further Maths and Maths AS level. I can now transfer to A2 Maths with confidence and in the knowledge that I can ask Ronald for help if I start to struggle. Ronald was kind, understanding and really helped me.

Nina E.
A-Level Further Maths student, successful university applicant for Medicine

Ronald’s teaching was skilful and intensive.

Ronald helped our son to prepare successfully for the University of Oxford MAT test and interviews. His experience and knowledge of the process was invaluable. His teaching was skilful and intensive. His feedback was perceptive and rigorous but also encouraging.

Chrissy B.
parent, successful University of Oxford Maths application

You will really understand the process

I am preparing for 13+ scholarship exams and Ronald was able to improve my confidence and challenge me. He slowly builds up the level of difficulty so he can first understand what you need to work on by revising the basics to the point where you really understand the process, and then on to a far more advanced level of maths. He really knows his stuff.

Myles D.
Successful 13+ scholarship student

My son gained a great result

Ronald is an excellent tutor that my son has been using for A-level Maths. He can explain complicated questions in a simple way and therefore my son enjoyed working with him and gained a great result.

Iris M.
A-Level Maths parent

Ronald provides personalised explanations

Ronald is very knowledgeable, good at finding areas that need work, providing personalised explanations, very helpful.

James W.
A-Level Statistics student

Totally motivated and confident!

As of lesson one, Tamara has changed her attitude to the subject completely! Ronald took Tamara from failing the subject to a “B” grade within a year. Wanted to express my appreciation once again, it’s amazing how Tamara’s relationship with math has improved, she’s totally motivated and confident!

Katya S.
parent, International Baccalaureate student


The best and funnest teacher I have ever met. My statistics has come from nothing to an unbelievably better state since you taught me. Never ever loved maths like this before! Thanks for answering all of my stupid questions… you are really amazing!

International A-Level Further Maths student