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Hello! I'm Ronald. I work online as a personal maths tutor 😃

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Hello! I’m Ronald, a qualified maths teacher from the UK. I work as an online private maths tutor.

If you'd like to have private lessons with me, let's set up a Zoom call right-away: or WhatsApp +31682589013

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My Expertise

I have a rich experience of teaching in public and private schools. I have a teaching qualification (PGCE Secondary Mathematics), and I have been working as an expert maths tutor for over 10 years – exclusively online since 2019.

I mostly tutor secondary school students studying the British mathematics curriculum. That’s UK and International GCSE and A-Level exams, in all exam boards. Regular Mathematics A-Level and all Further Mathematics options: Pure, Statistics, Mechanics, Discrete.

I have a lot of experience with university applications, taking sixth-form and gap year students through the whole UCAS process. Starting early, from students developing their interest in technical subjects and identifying the best courses to apply for - then picking out what's needed for a killer personal statement - right through to perfecting the A-Level exams and getting the top grades needed (the most important element).

We can work together on university entrance exams: Oxford MAT, Cambridge TMUA CSAT and STEP papers, and the new STAT UCL. In 2023, my students met their offers from both Oxford and Cambridge, plus Imperial College, Bristol, Warwick, LSE, Kings, UCL, St Andrews 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, among others.

I also regularly help students gain places in all of the top international universities: Harvard, Bocconi, Stanford, TU Delft, Edinburgh! I help with applications to competitive Masters courses too 😃. I have specialised in giving advice to British students on the very American SAT 🇺🇸. Don't underestimate the SAT, which American students can spend the whole of high school working on - but we can get you to that level much quicker.

They say that math(s) is a universal language. I teach international students including International Baccalaureate (IBDP, AA and AI, HL and SL). And Dutch students for Wiskunde A-D (Mathematics). I’ve taught students at American Schools on the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum.

At University myself, I studied Maths and Computer Science (BA University of Oxford), and I’ve also studied Bioinformatics – that’s statistical genetics (MSc Imperial College London). I know the system. I have a good knowledge and experience of how maths can be used in practical terms, as well as being able to teach programming and computer science.

I’m currently learning to speak Spanish 🇪🇸🥘🇵🇪🦙 in a beginner class where everyone speaks Dutch, my second language 🇳🇱🌷 I find it totally mind-bending - and it helps me understand how to be a better teacher too. ¡Espero estudiar matemáticas contigo!

How tutoring works

We'll use Zoom, the video meeting software. I'll provide a personal link to our meeting room, when you book the first session.

It’s helpful if you bring to the sessions:

  • something to write with,
  • something to write on,
  • the calculator you normally use during tests,
  • any work you want to look at together (photos of your own written work are super-useful!).

My sessions are very student-led, so we work on whatever is useful to you in the moment. It will often make sense for us to keep up with classwork, so that you can get the maximum benefit from your regular classes in school. We also look to overcome any barriers you face in your learning journey – useful for everyone and especially ADHD and neurodiverse students. We'll build your confidence so you have a more comfortable and successful experience of learning maths. I will keep track of the syllabus and we'll focus together on what’s most important for the final exams, figuring out how to deal with exam questions thoroughly and in a realistic way.

I recommend starting out with a one hour session to see how it goes - after that, longer sessions are also available.


I work full-time as a tutor, so I have a lot of flexibility to fit with your schedule.

I have the most availability during weekday daytimes (UK time).
I work evenings after-school, and weekend mornings - students who use a weekly slot get priority.

I do work during the summer months and I make extra times available during school holidays and as it gets closer to exams.


I charge more per hour than the average tutor, because of the high number of requests I get.

It's worth it - you will get fully personalised help and I believe you will see the benefit after just one hour of work together.


Keertana - got two A* grades and studies at University of Oxford:

Ronald is amazing! His style helped challenge myself and think carefully about math concepts. He also tends to tailor the way he teaches according to the needs of students. Along with this, he knows the exam requirements really well so he trained me really really well.

Nina - got two As in Maths/Further Maths and a university place for Medicine:

Ronald was extremely helpful all through the time he tutored me. He was especially helpful for my Decision Maths module with which I struggled a lot! I know I can ask Ronald for help if I start to struggle. Ronald was kind, understanding and really helped me.

Chrissy - her son got two A* grades and a place to study Mathematics at University College, Oxford:

Ronald helped our son to prepare successfully for the University of Oxford MAT test and interviews. His experience and knowledge of the process was invaluable. His teaching was skilful and intensive. His feedback was perceptive and rigorous but also encouraging.

Myles - got a place at Harrow School:

I am preparing for 13+ scholarship exams and Ronald was able to improve my confidence and challenge me. He slowly builds up the level of difficulty so he can first understand what you need to work on by revising the basics to the point where you really understand the process, and then on to a far more advanced level of maths. He really knows his stuff.

Iris - her son got an A in A-Level Maths and a place at his first choice uni:

Ronald is an excellent tutor that my son has been using for A-level Maths. He can explain complicated questions in a simple way and therefore my son enjoyed working with him and gained a great result.

James - got an A* in A-Level Statistics:

Ronald is very knowledgeable, good at finding areas that need work, providing personalised explanations, very helpful.

Katya - her daughter built her confidence in Maths for the International Baccalaureate:

As of lesson one, Tamara has changed her attitude to the subject completely! Ronald took Tamara from failing the subject to a “B” grade within a year. Wanted to express my appreciation once again, it’s amazing how Tamara’s relationship with math has improved, she’s totally motivated and confident!

Steven - congrats on getting your Masters degree!:

Ronald has helped me on a number of occasions with proof reading my work as well as checking references at Masters level. It was what helped me get my MSc over the line as he was always on hand and was very easy to communicate with and helpful. Can’t recommend him enough.

Kathryn - was ready to drop out of AS-Level Maths:

Ronald is an amazing tutor! He really took the time to help me understand topics that I was struggling with and explained them in ways that made them make sense to me. I could never have passed Maths AS without him!

Bob - got two A*s in Maths and Further Maths A-Level:

The best and funnest teacher I have ever met. My statistics has come from nothing to an unbelievably better state since you taught me. Never ever loved maths like this before! Thanks for answering all of my stupid questions… you are really amazing!


If I can help you with maths tuition, e-mail me at or WhatsApp +31682589013 now.